Making of EXO-226 debuts ahead of Australian Premiere

EXO-226 is a thrilling sci-fi short film by writer and director Denai Gracie and brought to life in collaboration with AIE Film School staff and students. To build anticipation for the release of this exciting short film, The Making of EXO-226 will be released next Friday 25th August at 6pm. EXO-226 was filmed using AIE virtual production studios and within a very tight timeframe.

Speaking about the film, writer and director Denai Gracie said that the goal was to create something in a short amount of time that could have been part of a much bigger project. The short film took full advantage of the power of virtual production to help create environments and sets on a tight budget and timeframe.

"This sort of tech means that I can explore the worlds that I love to write about, earlier on than I ever would have envisaged" said Denai.

Filmmaker and AIE Trainer Dan Sanguineti found the experience really valuable as a filmmaker and as a learning experience for his students. He was able to explore using in-camera visual effects in a way to achieve high-concept visuals.

"One of the things that I really wanted with this project was really work towards finding a way to marriage virtual production with a practical set" enthused Dan.

Denai found the experience has shaped her approach to filmmaking and recommends the following to other filmmakers: "push the envelope if you plan to use this will make you a stronger filmmaker" said Denai.

EXO-226 has it's Australian premiere at the Sydney Science Fiction Film Festival on 1pm Saturday 26th August 2023.

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