Trailer for Sissy Released!

The first trailer for the Australian horror comedy Sissy has been released!

Filmed in Canberra and produced at Film Plus, the film has received production funding from Screen Canberra, Screen Australia, the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, ACT Film One Investors, Freedom Films, Mind the Gap and Arcadia.

Written and directed by Hannah Barlow and Kane Senes, Sissy is played by The Bold Type star Aisha Dee. Starring alongside Dee are Lucy Barrett, Yerin Ha, Daniel Monks, Barlow and Emily De Margheriti.

The film is produced by Lisa Shaunessy and Bec Janek for Arcadia, who will also distribute the film in local cinemas Halloween this year. Producing alongside is John De Margheriti of DEMS Entertainment, The Academy of Interactive Entertainment and Jason Taylor for Freedom Films.

Alexandra Burke, Vicki De Margheriti, William Day Frank, Barlow, Senes, Anna Dadic, Jacqueline Kerwick, Seth Larney, Mathieu Van De Velde and Clement Dunn are executive producers.